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 David Peters L.Ac., LMBT, MSOM


David is one of the co-founders of Long Life Wellness Center. It has been a dream of his for many years to create a place where the public can come and participate in Wellness activities of all sorts. He learned many years ago that Wellness is a verb. You have to do Wellness, it is not something you have unless you engage in activities that encourage balance and harmony on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.

Long Life Wellness offers patients/clients many opportunities to engage with heart-centered practitioners that are Wellness professionals. All of our staff here assist others in improving our patron's quality of life. We have acupuncture, massage therapy, hypnotherapy, marriage and family counseling, life coaching, body talk and medical qigong and yoga therapy. Also, all of our acupuncturists are educated in nutritional counseling and herbal medicine. We are blessed to have a full Yoga schedule, QiGong, TaiJi and meditation classes as well as many other fun and interesting Wellness workshops.

David began his personal Wellness journey just out of high school. He experienced a neck injury while wrestling on his high school team. The injury was not too severe, but it did unknowingly at the time, cause his vertebrae to be out of place for many years. This caused moderate pain, loss of range of motion and chronic inflammation. Over his college years, David's neck condition worsened. At the time, he did not know how to address this condition effectively. His primary medical doctor prescribed pain killers and anti-inflammatory medication.

As time went on, the medication had to be increased to be effective and eventually it stopped working altogether. At this point, David was hurting emotionally, mentally and quite severely in the physical sense. He began to explore other types of therapy. He went for massages and it helped, but only for a short time. Then he tried chiropractic and that helped quite a bit, but his body was not able to hold his adjustments for very long. Finally, he met a woman, which later became his teacher and mentor, that did Jin Shin Do acupressure.

The first time he had a Jin Shin Do session, he literally felt like his body was floating. In this type of acupressure, it helps to connect the mind and body together by utilizing a trance like state similar to hypnotherapy. It helps us to get rid of body armoring (chronic tension) by examining what may be causing it by having emotional or mental stress. His mentor was able to help David see some major areas of emotional conflict that he was holding onto. She helped him release it emotionally and reconcile it mentally. All of the neck pain went away for several days. He was able to hold his chiropractic adjustments better. He no longer had to take prescription medication. He was free from his chronic pain with just a few more Jin Shin Do sessions coupled with chiropractic adjustments.

From that point on, David vowed to learn all he could about mind-body medicine, acupressure and other natural therapies to continue to assist him with his Wellness goals and serve others also. He learned many types of Asian bodywork and began his practice. Next, he learned more Western massage therapy types and began working in the Physical therapy field for many years. David then began Oriental Medical school to learn acupuncture, herbal medicine, TuiNa, AnMo, moxibustion, cupping, and a host of other therapies.

David fell in love with these natural healing therapies and has been lovingly sharing them with his patients/clients ever since. He has also been learning NeiGong, QiGong, TaiJi and various forms of meditation for the past 20 years. These practices have helped him greatly and he is passionate about teaching these healing arts as well. For the past 10 years, David has focused his practice on Fertility Medicine helping couples conceive. He loves this part of his practice as well as all of the other facets. He truly loves to serve others with the healing gifts has been blessed with over his Wellness journey so far.


To learn more about David click on the link to see his full curriculum vitae.


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