Tachyon Therapy


Tachyon therapy is now being offered as a research project at our center.


What is Tachyon therapy?

Our surrounding field of energy is full of different particles that have varying frequencies. Some of these are beneficial, some are neutral and some are actually harmful to our physical bodies. We are living in a soup of different vibrational frequencies all the time. Especially now with all of the 5G and other technologies that are being imposed upon the Earth and also from our Sun and other sources coming from space.

Tachyons are energy frequencies that do not have a set frequency, but are yet to be determined. They are like energy that has not yet decided which frequency to be yet. Similar to our germ cells we have when first being created in the womb that have not yet differentiated into the type of cell that they will be in our body. All of our cells start with the basic building blocks of a germ cell, which contains all of the information through our DNA code, that then will build all the different tissues, organs and systems of our body. Tachyons are similar in that these basic undifferentiated frequencies become the coherent frequencies that maintain order and balance to sustain life itself.  Tachyon energy is similar to germ frequencies that can and do sustain life force energy. This is a similar concept to life force energy, Qi, in Chinese medicine. Or Prana in Ayurvedic medicine.

Coherent vs. Incoherent Frequencies

What we call life are a set of patterns and frequencies that help an organism to be born, grow, live and then eventually die. There are certain frequencies of energy that assist in this process and help to maintain order, balance and homeostasis during our physical lifetime. These are coherent frequencies. When we have more patterns that are dominantly coherent, our physical bodies maintain themselves, stay strong with healthy immune systems and ward off disease. Coherent frequencies are helpful and assist us in living healthy and well lives.

Incoherent frequencies challenge these life giving patterns and cause disruption, chaos and disease. Having some incoherent frequencies in our lives is not all bad. Having challenges to balance and harmony helps us to improve our corrective qualities of our immune system and our adaptive intelligence. However, overall, you want to maintain more of a dominant pattern of coherent frequencies to stay healthy, well and feeling good.

How does Tachyon therapy support health and well being?

With the Earth's energy, sacred geometry and the help of the structure and function of crystals, our Tachyon energy grid set up around the therapy bed helps to gather and amplify these coherent life giving frequencies of energy. Our body's energy field interacts with this therapy energy grid and gets nourished by the coherent frequencies that are gathered in the matrix field. All we have to do is lie on the therapy table and allow our body to absorb the coherent frequencies that naturally gather in this sacred geometrical crystal grid that has been created and activated. Our body's intelligence does the rest. You can think of this space as being an area where Qi gathers and can be amplified.


We are offering 6- 20 minute sessions to individuals that would like to help us learn more about this technology and what positive effects it may bring to your health and well being. All we require is that you fill out a short questionnaire before and after each session.

Results So Far

We have had a small group of people already try out our therapy table and have benefits. Some things that you might experience during or after your Tachyon therapy sessions. Better sleep, a more relaxed feeling, better energy, a heightened sense of focus and clarity to your thinking ability, an increased sense of well being and a better mood in general.  This therapy bed seems to gather and amplify the life force energy, we know as Qi. Our bodies can absorb the Qi and then decide what it needs to be do with it based on the intelligence of our own energy system. You can kind of think of it as getting a ReiKi session from the therapy table itself. Not exactly the same, but a decent analogy nonetheless.



​     Please call David Peters to schedule your sessions 919-274-8054 or nrgshaman@aol.com

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