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Acupuncture is an exciting and growing field that has the potential to help virtually everyone on the planet. Acupuncture helps to organize your body's energy so that it helps your body to help itself better. While Western medicine is very valuable in many situations, especially acute conditions, it fails in many more ways in addressing chronic conditions. Chronic ailments, syndromes and conditions make up the majority of reasons for doctors visits. Why not try a different approach? Why not stimulate your own body's healing intelligence with acupuncture and herbal medicine?

   Acupuncture research has consistently shown numerous benefits to stimulating the body's own ability to heal. It improves so many biological and physiological functions of the body including; increased blood flow, lymphatic drainage, ATP production (the body's major energy molecule), hormone regulation, increased endorphins and enkephalins (the body's own natural painkillers), decreased inflammation and pain, improved motor movement of impaired muscles, decrease in trigger points, decreases stress markers,et cetera, et cetera, etc.




Tracy Sturdivant M.Ac., L.Ac.  


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​David Peters L.Ac., MSOM  


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Karen Velasquez L.Ac., RN


Karen received her BS in nursing from Indiana University in 1987. She had an 18 year career in Neonatal Intensive Care and Pediatrics. While living in San Diego, she discovered holistic medicine and decided to embark on a career in Acupuncture. She received her Master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 1994. After graduation, she moved to the Triangle and began her practice in Acupuncture. In addition to studying Acupuncture, Karen has studied Chinese Herbs, Nutrition, Tai Chi & Qigong, Electro-stimulation, Cupping and Moxibustion. In 2006, Karen spent a year with Master Reiki teacher, Barnsley Brown to become a Reiki Master. Since then, she has had students of her own obtain levels I and II Reiki practitioner certificates. She utilizes Reiki in her own practice and for herself. Karen loves to help people with their Nutrition and continuously educates herself and works extensively with Standard Process. She utilizes Nutrition Response Testing in her practice to make sure patients receive a customized nutrition program. Karen is also a certified meditation specialist and loves to teach her patients meditation and Qigong. These are two vital practices for promoting the relaxation response and building the Qi, which aid patients in recovering and healing many conditions including adrenal fatigue. Karen is active in her profession having served on the North Carolina Acupuncture Licensing Board from 2008-2011 and is currently the chapter representative for The North Carolina Society of Acupuncture and Asian Medicine. She regularly coordinates and teaches continuing education events for practitioners. She is an Acupuncture advocate providing the public and legislators with education about Acupuncture practice and benefits.

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